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Dec 27 2020

Instant insurance quote

Instant insurance quote

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Instant insurance quote


Car Insurance

Car insurance made for you. Service you can rely on.

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Get your free car insurance quote.

Protect what matters to you with car insurance designed for you. Let’s work together to make sure you have the right car insurance coverage you need for a low price.

Most car insurance companies provide fast and free car insurance quotes. We all want to see cheap car insurance rates, but service is what matters when you’re stuck on the side of the road.

GEICO’s been working hard to provide best-in-class customer service for over 75 years, while also providing competitive auto insurance rates. See what we have to offer with a free car insurance quote.

Why You Need Car Insurance

No matter which auto insurance quote you go with, the most important thing is your car insurance provides the coverage you need. We want you to be confident that you’re choosing the right coverage.

Personalized Coverage Calculator

You may have questions about which car insurance policy is best for you, such as:

  • How much bodily injury coverage should I carry?
  • How much property damage coverage should I have?
  • How much should my deductible be?

Our coverage calculator can help answer these questions and more.

How to get a car insurance quote:

Gather these items to make the quote process faster:

  • Valid driver’s license
  • Vehicle Identification Number (VIN)
  • Address where vehicle will be stored

Review our state car insurance guides. Every state has different laws and insurance requirements.

Your Car Insurance Discounts are Waiting

Save money on car insurance so you can focus on what matters to you. You could qualify for a variety of discounts and premium reductions just by being you. From student discounts to good driver discounts (five-year accident-free), see how much you could save.

Car Insurance Discounts

Drive down your rates with car insurance discounts and premium reductions.

Senior Driver Discounts

If you remember poodle skirts, hot rods, bell-bottoms and go-go boots, then you deserve to save money.

Military Discounts

Special discounts and premium reductions for service men and women.

Federal Employees Discount

GEICO’s roots are with Federal Employees. Discounts and premium reductions just for you.

Student Driver Discounts

Money is often tight for students. With GEICO insurance, we could help you save.

Member & Employee Discounts

Over 500 qualifying groups.

Service for When You Need Us

Our licensed insurance agents are available 24/7/365 so we’re here when you need us. You can access your car insurance policy at any time by downloading the GEICO Mobile app.

97% Customer Satisfaction*

You can’t please everyone, but it doesn’t hurt to try. We’re committed to:

  • Taking your feedback seriously
  • Working hard every day to improve insurance for you

Car Insurance Your Way

We work hard to make insurance easier by making things simple in our app and online like:

  • Paying your auto insurance bill
  • Checking your balance
  • Getting ID cards
  • Filing a claim, and more

Need help? Use the GEICO Mobile app to access our virtual assistant, chat with an agent, or call us anytime.

Local Insurance Agents

GEICO insurance agents are standing by with a local presence:

  • Local agents providing outstanding customer service to answer questions about car insurance and more
  • A commitment to each community we serve

Auto Insurance Reviews from Real Customers

“My car was totaled and Geico rendered excellent service. The allowed me to have a car an extra week. My adjuster kept in constant contact with me making me aware of what was happening with my claim. I received my collision payment in a timely manner. It was so wonderful to know I picked the right insurance company for my vehicle. I plan to retu. “

“in 60 years of dealing with insurance companies I never had such a good expedited experience. this company even gave back my deductible before the final claim settlement.”

“I’m acknowledging Jeannette and her incredible customer service, mindfulness, confidence, and competency. With something as difficult as navigating insurance after a scary car accident, it was so relieving to talk it through with her. She deserves all the praise.”

“I have been with another insurance company for close to 20 years. I never questioned increases until my son started driving. WOW what a surprise Cameron gave me at the Daytona office. I will not be saving close to a $100 per month . I have 3 vehicles so you can see what a multi car discount can do for you. Next we are going to look at boat and home. “

“On one of the dangerously snowy days this winter, I had left for work but ended up deciding to turn around and go back home in order to avoid potential accidents. Ironically, I slid into someone on my way back, blocks from my house. I had never been in an accident before and had a perfect driving record (not even a parking ticket!), but I wasn&#039. “

“I thought it was wonderful to truly brag to anyone and I mean ANYONE (ask the folks at the dog park) who would listen that I literally saved 50% on my car insurance. I kept telling people that I needed to be filmed saying that just so everyone knows it is true. Things got even better. I mean, not exactly. my car was hit and obviously no one li. “

“I’ve been a customer for a few years now and I’ve always had amazing customer service. Recently I was rear ended and my car was totaled. I started a claim through the app and had to save it for later since I was dealing with the police. Within minutes of me saving it, Geico was calling me and making sure I was okay and checking if I had q. “

“Customer service was outstanding. The representatives were courteous, knowledgeable and friendly. Before finishing the quote I was sold on the product being described. I am extremely satisfied!”


Instant insurance quote Instant insurance quote Instant insurance quote Instant insurance quote

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